About Us

Founded with a Purpose

KindCare offers all the benefit of a community on a neighborhood scale. People are well known to each other and our associates, as well as each other’s family members. Innovative thinking and programming bring about this new model for assisted living and memory care.

  1. Our communities are smaller than “traditional” assisted living and memory care communities. While providing the same level of service and amenities – and in many ways improving upon them – our residents benefits from being well known to each other, our associates, and our family members.

  2. We recognize the need to provide all of the amenities and services without compromising quality and a more affordable cost. “No skimping on services.”

  3. Revitalizing urban areas keeps seniors active in their social circles and provides immediate access to services while benefitting the residents of the KindCare community and the cities they are in.

Community Pride - Community Care

So many factors help us decide how to choose the best community for ourselves or our loved ones. Physical health and wellbeing, as well as social, emotional, and economic factors, come into play. Many providers may meet needs on some of these issues, but KindCare addresses all of a potential resident’s concerns.

KindCare partners with your current healthcare provider to enhance the overall care team — and does so at a cost lower than that of other assisted living communities. Our companion suite model gives residents both privacy, and the opportunity for more interaction not only with friends and family members but create extended family through those of their suitemates. This model, by design, leads to more socialization and better overall emotional wellbeing.