6 Reasons to Stick with Your Senior Living Plan Despite COVID-19

6 Reasons to Stick with Your Senior Living Plan Despite COVID-19

There is no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic and effects make life more difficult for all of us, especially when it comes to our elders.  With the continuously changing guidelines issued by the many different states shaking up daily routines, and also impacting daily living and often times making it more lonely and complicated for those living at home.  We truly believe that most of the concerns can be made easier by working hand in hand with caring professionals and a network of amenities and resources, much like what is provided in a senior living community such as KindCare Assisted Living.  There is truth to the saying that happiness lies in freedom and fulfillment, and the more options one is provided, the more freedom and happiness they will find.  Life is easier with convenient and qualified help being available to you when you need and want it.

Determining which senior living community is the right fit for you and/or your loved ones can take a lot of work to figure out.  Each community will have different services and amenities, all with a different price tag.  Recent stories in the news have highlighted the impact that differing standards of care from one community to the next has on vulnerable seniors during the pandemic.  Good and reputable senior living communities keep residents safe by providing outstanding leadership, well trained and high quality staff, and investments in care that is ongoing and continuous.

With all that said, listed here are six ways in which finding the right senior living community (whether it be independent living, assisted living, or memory care) can help offer an easier, much safer, and more enjoyable lifestyle during uncertain times.

1. You Get the Extra Help You Need When You Need it

Everybody can benefit from help sometimes, and as many families can attest, coordination of personal care at home for yourself and/or a loved on is tough.  If a caregiver needs a day off, coverage for personal care issues becomes chaotic.  This can be magnified if relying on family members who are facing their own challenges during the pandemic.  Hiring personal caregivers is difficult, and as the NEW YORK TIMES reported in June 2020 many hired caregivers might themselves be inadvertently exposing clients to COVID-19.  In a full service senior living community, such as KindCare Assisted Living, caregivers are screened, hired, training, and monitored for licensing and compliance.  Adequate protective supplies are on hand and supplied by the community to reduce the chance of contagion, along with other policies and procedures put into place to reduce the likelihood of a contagion being spread in the community through staff, visitors, and the like.  Your care needs are met 24/7 in such a community, without the hassle or uncertainty that comes with doing this on your own, or through an agency.  Other on site amenities such as hair salon and stylist can be provided without having to leave the community and further risking exposure.  These services restore confidence and dignity to anyone who needs a little extra help with bathing, dressing, etc. – which is easily provided in a senior living community setting.

2. Say Goodbye to Those Routine Chores

Living in a senior living community means that someone else can deal with the appliance that is no longer working properly, cable that is out, or a burned out light fixture – it is just a phone call or a message away to reach the concierge who will ensure the problem is rectified for you.  Yard work such as snow shoveling, salting the walkways, or mowing the lawn is taken care of at the community for you – this way you can enjoy without all of the hard work of maintaining it.  An assisted living or memory care community will have a full time maintenance team to ensure the creation of a safe and lovely home for you, and ensure that it is well maintained.  Housework and laundry are provided for you as part of your weekly service (or as often as you would like) at no additional fees!

3. You Will Be Looking Forward to Mealtimes with Friends and Family!

Grocery shopping is not a chore many of us enjoy in the best of times, let alone doing so during a pandemic!  Shortages of common grocery items or ingredients for your favorite recipes are challenging to plan for and around, and waiting in long lines to enter a store, or the long wait to check out – while necessary to ensure our safety and the safety of others – make the process longer for us all.  Living in a senior living community brings with it all of your meals served daily in a restaurant like setting, with professional waitstaff to attend to your needs.  Not only will you get nutritious, delicious food with a variety of options to choose from, but you will get it all when you want it without having to cook, prepare, or clean up dishes (one that most of us will cheer for!).

Some independent living, assisted living, and memory care communities like KindCare Assisted Living not only offer a variety of options when you sit down for breakfast, lunch or dinner with friends, but also offer multiple dining options to choose from.  KindCare offers meals in both their bistro and dining room for residents to enjoy – at a time in which they choose!  You are not make to only enjoy delicious breakfast from 7AM to 9AM, but rather can enjoy breakfast any time of the day you choose, wherever you choose to have it.  Want to enjoy eggs benedict in the bistro while watching football with friends – go for it!  It is available to you how and when you want it, where you want it.

4. Coordinate Medical Care

Coordination of medical providers can be a challenge for people and their family members, there are professionals out there that take over this coordination for families as a full time job.  Getting back and forth from doctor appointments often involves taking time off from work for family members, and rescheduling multiple appointments due to circumstances beyond our control.  Living at a senior living community simpligies the medical care routines by providing a licensed nurse on site to assist you when a concern requires follow up.  Telehealth and telemedicine provides an opportunity to receive healthcare on site without having to risk exposure while going out to a doctor’s office.  Having a nursing team at the senior living community to assist with the telehealth session has proven to show better outcomes for seniors in terms of health and wellbeing.  Qualified medical professionals coordinate medications and make sure you are taking them at the appropriate times and dosage.  If you need extra services from a physical therapist or speech therapist, these services will be offered on site at the community.

5. Connect with People That Share Similar Interests as You

While an important part of slowing the spread of COVID 19 is social distancing, the downside of this is the loneliness that comes into play.  Community life guarantees someone who knows you will make sure that your needs are met safely and timely with a smile on their face while doing so.  Full service senior living communities such as KindCare are staffed with caring professionals who are well training and invest in creating a vibrant living experience with shared programs and activities, amenities, and social opportunities within the guidelines of healthy practices.  One can take the guesswork out of trying to socialize safely in these uncertain times, and connect with those around you in a secure, managed environment.  A plethora of games, crafts, art lessons, move nights, parties, and cultural outings are just steps away – as well as many other things you have yet to think about enjoying!

6. Get Back to Enjoying Time with Family Again

Through relieving family members of the responsibilities of caregiving, family gatherings become fun again.  Our team will take care of the daily chores and personal care, while coordinating your medical care – all so you and/or your loved ones can relax with your friends and family in a beautiful setting.  KindCare Assisted Living offers many options for connecting safety indoors and out as social distancing guidelines ebb and flow with new data contantly helping inform decisions.  Our team screens potential visitors for symptoms all in an effort to reducing your risk of exposure to COVID – 19 while maintain the fun provided by connecting with visitors.

No one person can predict what the next year will bring for us all, connecting with KindCare Assisted Living can help you plan for an engaging and fulfilling experience despite these uncertain times.  Contact us to day to learn about the array of professional services and engaging amenities throughout our beautiful communities and how we can help you build the vibrant life you deserve.  Contact us today to learn more about what it is like to live at a KindCare Assisted Living community.