Above & Beyond Kindness

Life At KindCare

Above and Beyond Kindness

Kindness is a way of life at our community. It radiates from our core beliefs recognizing that everyone is worthy, valued, and deserving of exceptional care. Kindness permeates our community, spreading from management to staff to residents and back again, moving in a multidirectional wave of palpable, loving energy. Nice

The Pillars of Our Community

Providing exceptional senior living with kindness wrapped around every detail while offering an all-inclusive more affordable rate.

Pillar One: Kindness from Management and Associates

Our leadership team formed our community in kindness, with a passion to make excellent care both available and affordable. Setting a tone of respect for the care team members providing services enables team members in turn to treat residents with respect and empathy. 

Pillar Two: Kindness Among Residents

Our community is smaller by design, allowing for personal relationships to flourish in an environment of communal caring and neighborhood living. Whether it’s helping a fellow resident in need, giving a supportive hug, or listening with empathy and openheartedness, kindness is the common bond among our community members. 

Pillar Three: Kindness Beyond the Community

Where kindness lives, caring and good deeds naturally flourish. Our residents reach out to the greater community, sharing their time and talents, most recently by putting together bagged lunches to distribute to the homeless.