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A Checklist for Families Considering Assisted Living

Many families and their loved ones struggle with whether or not to move from their home, which they love, to an assisted living community, while others welcome the opportunity to make new friends, enjoy the social dynamics offered in a community setting, and move to a new home while leaving behind all the work that goes with the upkeep of a house. The main reasons people choose to move are they are lonely, isolated, and depressed at home and need some help with medications and healthy meals.

Determine if it is time

We have created a checklist for you to determine if it is time for Assisted Living. If you answer “yes” to 3 or more questions on this checklist, senior living at an assisted living or memory care community might be the perfect next step. Moving to an assisted living community will increase your level of independence and create a fulfilling life.

Is the mail piling up at your loved ones’ home? Have they fallen behind on paying their bills?

Is your Mom or Dad struggling with yard work, upkeep of the home, and general home repairs on their own?

Do you fear that your Mom or Dad is at risk of falling at home? Has your Mom or Dad fallen recently? Has there been a noticeable change in their walking or balance?

Is your loved one having difficultly with showering, bathing, or dressing regularly without assistance from another person? Do you worry about their safety while in the shower or the bathtub?

Has it become difficult to get to regular medical appointments on time for your loved ones? Are they having difficulty or inability to schedule regular medical appointments?

Does your loved one forget to take their medications as prescribed by their physician at times?

Is it becoming difficult for your loved one to have a social life? Are they making excuses as to why they cannot participate with friends or get involved in social events or church activities they used to enjoy?

Does your loved one have difficulty in getting regular exercise or maintaining a healthy weight? Has your loved ones’ doctor expressed concern about this?

Do you worry about your Mom or Dad when they are alone in regards to their safety? Does it make you nervous when you cannot reach them on the phone?

Does your loved one seem isolated, lonely, or bored? Do they seem to be fearful and depressed when you visit or speak with them?

Have there been any hospitalizations of recent? Are you concerned about Mom or Dad recovering from the hospital stay at home?

Has your loved one’s ability to drive been diminished? Are there issues with poor vision, nighttime driving, or memory loss that could affect driving?

Are your loved ones having difficulty in preparing and cooking nutritious meals?