Starting the Conversation

Resources for Family Members

Having the talk with your loved one about Assisted Living

When living at home is no longer the safest option, many children and family members dread having “the assisted living talk” with their parents, friend, relative, or spouse. In many ways, this can be one of the most difficult discussions you will ever have – and we at KindCare Assisted Living are providing you with information to be well prepared for this discussion. We are providing you with a series of steps that should help to make the process easier for all involved. Our team is always available to help prepare you for “the talk,” and we are just a video chat or a phone call away to help at any time!

The single most important factor for a successful transition for your loved one from home to assisted living is to have this conversation sooner rather than later. This will give everyone involved time to process the feelings and emotions involved in the decision – and there will be a smooth plan to ensure success at all levels. We all want to keep our loved ones in their homes as long as possible; however, at some point, this may not be a safe option, especially after a fall or a hospitalization or if your loved one is starting to experience issues with memory loss.

To ready oneself for this conversation, remember that this is about them and how their needs will best be served in an assisted living community. If you have siblings or relatives that are close with your loved ones, make it a team effort. Be compassionate and be prepared; practice together to make sure that you will all have a unified front. Be patient, and be understanding – however, there is a need to set boundaries as well. There are multiple resources available should you need help and a consultation, such as your Local Community Senior Center, the people at the Council on Aging, and possibly a social worker or Geriatric Care Manager to assist during the process.