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Working Together to Redefine Senior Living

We work with the best to deliver the best.

Through our partnerships with architects, builders, finance experts, and healthcare professionals, we’re delivering the results you’re looking for.

We anticipate trends in the market, set innovative goals, and aim to set benchmarks in our industry, and this is all possible with the help of our partners. You can learn more about our partners here, or get in touch with us today to see how you can take part in the next generation of assisted living experiences.

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A Proud Part of Assisted Living Development (SLD)

KindCare is a proud part of Senior Living Development (SLD).

SLD is a trusted company that upholds integrity and professionalism in all endeavors. With over 1,000 approved senior housing units since 2014, their reputation for top-notch community development speaks for itself.

Learn more about SLD here.

Accredited by CALA

At the heart of the Connecticut Assisted Living Association (CALA) lies a mission to enrich the lives of those under our care, and KindCare is proud to be accredited by this organization.

With CALA, we’re committed to advancing the care of all assisted living communities, bringing residents comfort, ease, and security throughout life.

Our Partners

Our partners are what help us exceed expectations—not just for our investors, but for our residents.

We work with vetted experts across a range of disciplines. Whether we’re sourcing a new site, breaking ground on construction, or analyzing the data to give you clear, up-to-date information, these partnerships are what make working with KindCare simple and profitable.

Take a moment to learn more about them, or get in touch with us today to explore what the future of assisted living can hold for you.

EGA Architects is a nationally recognized leader in the senior living field and has received numerous awards from the American Institute of Architects (AIA). 

EGA was also 1 of the 16 founding members of the National Association of Senior Living Industries and today is an affiliate member of the American Association of Home and Services for the Aging (AAHSA), and a member of the Assisted Living Facility Association of America (ALFAA). 

EGA acts as SLD’s primary architectural firm today.

DyMar, Inc. is a full-service engineering and planning firm with extensive experience in assisted living and memory care planning and design.

DyMar, Inc. has led the site planning and approval process for ownership and has achieved a 100% approval record for SLD’s developments—working closely with local communities and city staff. 

Wohlsen Construction is an award-winning, 140-year-old construction firm and leader in the senior housing construction sector throughout the New England and Mid-Atlantic regions, with a bonding capacity of $650 million.

The firm’s success has been defined by a pursuit of excellence with core values of integrity, accountability, collaboration, and safety. Wohlsen acts as SLD’s construction manager. 

Moore Diversified Services, Inc. is a full-service consulting firm specializing in the senior living and healthcare industry for both profit and non-profit organizations. 

For more than 45 years, MDS has performed over 4,500 engagements in over 1,200 national markets and over 40 international markets. MDS’s database and experience provide insight into both quantitative and qualitative aspects that are crucial to a successful senior living operation.

Meet the Team & Connect with Us Today

Partnerships aren’t the only aspect of our operation that makes us successful.

Get to know the team behind KindCare here, or connect with us today to see how we can leverage the growth our industry is experiencing.

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What We Value

Accessibility & Affordability of Care

Our leadership team established KindCare with a commitment to providing accessible and affordable care. 

By fostering an atmosphere of respect for our care team members, we empower them to extend the same respect and empathy to our residents.

Luxury, Personalized Experiences

We intentionally craft our communities to foster personal relationships within a caring and close-knit neighborhood setting. 

The essence of our communities lies in the shared value of kindness, demonstrated through assistance, compassion, and empathetic listening.

Adding Value to the Community

We help our residents reach out to the greater community using their time and talents. 

We’ve demonstrated our commitment to social responsibility through initiatives like creating bagged lunches for the homeless.

Why Work
with KindCare?

100+ Years

Combined Development & Assisted Living Experience.

More Affordable

Compared to similar luxury lifestyles.


Rolling out over the next 60 months.

What Makes
Us Different

Remote Visitation

Pandemic Resistant Building

Innovative Life Enrichment

All Inclusive Pricing

More Affordable Luxury Living


Our Partners

Kind Innovative
Caring Affordable

Welcome to KindCare at Bristol

KindCare at Bristol offers a compelling and unique vision that goes beyond creating living spaces; we cultivate communities where seniors thrive. 

Through thoughtfully designed floor plans and affordable, enriching services offered under our all-inclusive pricing model, we foster communities where connection, community, and kindness always take center stage. 

Discover the potential of our transformative approach today!

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