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Discover the KindCare Difference

See the comfort and peace of mind that our residents enjoy. In KindCare’s assisted living communities, seniors receive personalized services focused on providing them and their families comfort and peace of mind, knowing their needs are being cared for.

If you’d like to see one of our communities in person, please get in touch with us today.

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What Is Assisted Living at KindCare?

Assisted living supports and enhances our residents’ daily living activities. This approach allows our residents to focus on things they love without the worry of managing life’s more cumbersome moments, like:

  • Walking and general movement
  • Meal time assistance
  • Help with personal grooming like bathing and dressing

Each approach is unique to every resident, and we can adapt as our residents’ needs change.

Wide-Ranging Daily Living Support

Our assisted living plan comes with numerous amenities included in the monthly rent. These amenities include:

  • 24/7 emergency call systems
  • Transportation services as per schedule
  • Pet-friendly accommodations
  • Rooms dedicated to games and activities
  • Calm and serene lounges for relaxation
  • In-house beauty salon and barber shop
  • Remote visit technology
  • Private spaces for gatherings and dining

Whether it’s enjoying a game with friends or a private meal with family, KindCare has everything residents need to make life enjoyable.

Services Based on Compassion & Empathy

All our services are included in the monthly fees. We can even personalize our care approach to match the specific needs of each resident without compromising our pricing model, making it easier for families to find care for their loved ones when they need it.

From diet plans to wellness programs, KindCare offers an enriching life for our residents.

We believe that wellness leads to a fulfilling life. 

Our holistic wellness services cover every aspect of a resident’s well-being and are facilitated by professional therapists and fitness instructors.

KindCare follows a concept of anytime dining, which allows our residents to choose their meal times. 

Our dining services are adapted to fit specific dietary needs, and we regularly update meal plans to address our residents’ well-being.

We have integrated advanced telehealth and telemedicine technologies to connect our residents with medical professionals whenever required. 

We even collaborate with existing healthcare providers of residents to provide continuous care.

Be Part of the Kindness

Invest in KindCare and build a meaningful and unique relationship with not just us, but the assisted living industry as a whole.

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What We Value

Accessibility & Affordability of Care

Our leadership team established KindCare with a commitment to providing accessible and affordable care. 

By fostering an atmosphere of respect for our care team members, we empower them to extend the same respect and empathy to our residents.

Luxury, Personalized Experiences

We intentionally craft our communities to foster personal relationships within a caring and close-knit neighborhood setting. 

The essence of our communities lies in the shared value of kindness, demonstrated through assistance, compassion, and empathetic listening.

Adding Value to the Community

We help our residents reach out to the greater community using their time and talents. 

We’ve demonstrated our commitment to social responsibility through initiatives like creating bagged lunches for the homeless.

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Welcome to KindCare at Bristol

KindCare at Bristol offers a compelling and unique vision that goes beyond creating living spaces; we cultivate communities where seniors thrive. 

Through thoughtfully designed floor plans and affordable, enriching services offered under our all-inclusive pricing model, we foster communities where connection, community, and kindness always take center stage. 

Discover the potential of our transformative approach today!

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