Why Kindcare

The KindCare Difference​

Why Kindcare?

KindCare Assisted Living prides itself on providing outstanding care, quality amenities, great food, and lasting friendships amongst residents, associates, and family members of KindCare.

We pride ourselves in bringing a luxury-level experience without the luxury price!

  • Smaller communities with a neighborhood-feel allow for lower construction costs, which benefit the residents

  • Companion “friendship” suites allowing for enhanced well-being of residents through more opportunities for social interaction

  • Utilization of technology for telehealth and telemedicine to create better health outcomes.

  • Proactive wellness programs focused on exercise and holistic wellness

  • Multiple dining options at any time of the day

  • Lifelong learning and engagement programs allow residents to continue to grow and thrive – creating sense of neighborhood and comraderie with others

  • Well trained and highly skilled nursing team provide outstanding personal care services and coordinate and communicate medical needs with physicians, families and other members of the team

The KindCare Way

KindCare Assisted Living was created to ensure that the many benefits of assisted living and memory care are available to a larger percentage of our senior population than the more “traditional” brands of assisted living and memory care. Our founders made it clear that we were to provide the same level of services, amenities, and personal care delivery – if not better – than the various competitors out there and to do it at a price point that was transparent and more affordable than most options available today.

KindCare feels that having residents become well known to not only our associates but to one another, family members, and all persons involved in the care team leads to better outcomes. With this focus on the person and proactive wellness – we have created a neighborhood feel throughout our communities.

In doing so, we are able to ensure our residents have access to top-notch amenities and services, multiple dining options throughout the day, utilization of technology and proactive wellness programs to create not only better health outcomes but fully engaged, rich lives dependent on resident interests and desires.

KindCare is able to offer all of this and more at an all-inclusive cost – meaning that your cost is the same month over month – and you won’t get a phone call that your rate is going up next month due to service level changes.

Community Pride, Community Care

So many factors help us decide how to choose the best community for ourselves or our loved ones. Physical health and wellbeing, as well as social, emotional, and economic factors, come into play. Many providers may meet needs on some of these issues, but KindCare addresses all of a potential resident’s concerns.

KindCare partners with your current healthcare provider to enhance the overall care team in providing healthcare services and personal care needs. Our companion suite model gives residents both privacy, and the opportunity for more interaction not only with friends and family members but also with friends and family members of their suitemates. This model, by design, leads to more socialization and better overall emotional wellbeing.

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Telehealth and Telemedicine

Safety, convenience, and faster delivery of care make telehealth an excellent care option.

Remote Communications

We believe that keeping communication lines open, transparent, and easy to use is important.

Proactive Measures for Safety

KindCare recognizes that the senior living industry must be proactive about keeping residents safe.