Remote Visitation and Communications

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Remote Visitation and Communications

We believe that keeping communication lines open, transparent, and easy to use is important in forming trusting relationships and keeping those relationships strong amidst inevitable changes in life. In addition, we recognize the importance of social engagement and connection to the health and wellbeing of our residents.

To serve our community, we offer flexibility through a variety of communication channels to facilitate the flow of information among our residents, their family members, and our associates.

Below are features of our remote visitation and communication platforms that are part of KindCare communities and are included at no additional cost:

Keeping Residents Informed and Connected

KindCare residents have televisions in their apartments. The KindCare Channel allows the community to bring customized content and information that will display on residents’ televisions. Residents can refer to this channel for important community updates, daily menus, and Total Wellness programming. Family members have access to this content on-demand as needed.

A personalized “app” designed for older adults allows KindCare residents to make phone calls, text, and message just as they would on a smartphone or tablet. Residents can also use this app to make requests of KindCare associates, such as apartment maintenance services, as well as keep in touch with other residents. The app even allows residents to create a fully personalized calendar that can also be accessed by the resident’s family members.

KindCare residents can access community information, news, favorite music, photographs, and movies – and even make phone calls— with voice technology set up in each individual resident’s suite. This touch-free, voice-activated system has many uses. For example, a resident could schedule a remote visit with his or her son using this device. The son would then accept the visit invitation and log onto the remote visitation platform at the designated time, all using this voice-activated technology.

Building and Maintaining Family and Friend Connections

KindCare provides video-calling technology for each resident in his or her own private suite, allowing for face-to-face, real-time interaction with loved ones from any remote location, regardless of distance. KindCare associates help residents learn how to use the Smart Televisions in each suite to set up contact lists and use the technology to keep existing connections with friends and family as well as form new ones.

Social networking tools, such as Facebook, offer wonderful opportunities to stay in touch with family and friends and are available at all hours, day or night. KindCare associates make these tools safe and accessible by helping residents set up a profile, use privacy settings, and build or expand upon a social network. Associates can also help residents learn to safely post photos, share information, edit posts, and become informed users of social media who reap the benefits of sharing in the fun of staying connected. In addition, these networking tools work with the Smart Televisions as well as tablets and other devices, providing even more ways to stay in touch.

Voice- and phone-activated communication platforms allow KindCare residents to access information by asking questions, such as “What is the weather today?” Residents can also call a phone number for pre-recorded information, such as the daily menu.

Enhancing Person-to-Person Interaction and Programming

We at KindCare want to help our residents stay in touch. Just as telehealth technology enhances the physical wellbeing of our residents, “app” technology enhances our residents’ emotional wellbeing. Our resident apps allow residents to text one another via their Smart Televisions. A wonderful feature of this technology is the ability to use voice commands to automatically dial a friend in the community or send a text—and have the reply read aloud when received, which is particularly useful for residents with voice or mobility challenges. Residents can also share photos or videos with one another instantly using this technology.

Every new KindCare resident receives a special move-in gift of an Amazon Alexa. Our associates provide additional programming choices delivered via Alexa that can enhance Total Wellness Programming or can be enjoyed on their own: songs, movies, stories allowing for a deeper understanding of a discussion topic, more about a historical character referenced in a writing class, or tips to improve poetry-writing or artistic skills.