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Moving to a senior living community is a big decision prompted by many concerns, such as the difficulty of maintaining a home and the need for care. Two main reasons, however, most often lead older adults to move to a senior living community:

  • Difficulty taking medications safely and appropriately
  • Depression resulting from loneliness and isolation

KindCare offers a wide variety of opportunities for residents to get involved in a community of their peers. Whether it be through a close friendship created at the community and thus growth of the extended family group, or by joining in a program or class that gets the creative juices flowing with like-minded people, residents can not only regain independence through the KindCare lifestyle but find new interests and live their best life.

With a team of professionals on-site 24/7 to ensure that any health-related and personal care needs are attended to as needed and when needed – residents can enjoy life without worrying about when to take their medications again or how they will arrange for their next doctor’s appointment. We ensure those needs are met so you can enjoy time with friends and family, both new and old.

KindCare Lifestyle Options

What is best for your loved one?

Assisted Living

If you and/or your loved one can benefit from the social interaction of our numerous engagement programs, strength and exercise on a consistent basis, and enjoyment of nutritious and delicious meals with friends – assisted living is right for you!

Memory Care

Our memory care programs get to know the whole person, not just someone that happens to have memory loss. We want to know the fulfilling life story and give back that structure and independence people need and want with enhanced safety and staffing. Find out more if our memory care program is right for you.