Assisted Living

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Assisted Living

Great Choice For Seniors

Assisted Living at KindCare is a great choice for seniors who want to maintain independence, enjoying days free from yard work and home maintenance. Residents who choose Assisted Living participate in an active and engaging lifestyle while receiving some daily assistance with personal care and medication management.

KindCare Family

Lifestyle options puts the focus on you, what services you need and want, and when and how you would like them provided. To that end, once you join the KindCare family, you’ll meet with our highly skilled nursing team to make sure that your choices are honored, putting you in charge of your schedule and how you spend your time.

Our priority will always be on working together with you as a team to provide the highest quality care that encourages your continued independence, respects your dignity, and allows you to make personal choices. Part of the team process means valuing family member input and staying in close contact with adult children and other family members while retaining and respecting your autonomy.