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Memory Care

Memory Care Program

The Memory Care Program at KindCare is comprehensive, both staving off the progression of memory loss and bringing together the past and present of the resident needing care. We believe that treating the symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease or other forms of dementia is essential, but equally important is making the rich life history of our resident well known to our associates.

The heart of our Memory Care Program is to restore a sense of self, independence, and purpose to the resident in our care by empowering our associates to tap into the wealth of life events, family connections, sports and hobbies, favorite vacations, and personal history to create an authentic picture of a resident who is so much more than an illness.

Non-pharmacologic Approach

Medication is often overused in the treatment of those suffering from memory loss. At KindCare, we believe in using a non-pharmacologic approach to treating the symptoms of disease, and we are often able to see improvement in cognitive ability after a resident moves into our community. We achieve this by harnessing the cutting-edge knowledge of research physicians on the front lines of treating Alzheimer’s Disease and other types of dementia and putting those best practices into place for our caregivers.

The philosophy of our Memory Care Program is one of education and empowerment. Education informs associates, professional partners, and family members of our residents about effective treatment protocols. Empowerment gets family members involved in their loved one’s care through intergenerational programming, companion animals that either live at the community or visit, favorite family recipes cooked in our country kitchen for all to enjoy, and other innovative programming that generates healing through connection.

Diet & Exercise

Diet and exercise are also key components to staving off the signs and symptoms of dementia, along with a strong social support system and immersion in the arts, culture, and learning. All of these features of our Memory Care Program work together to return a sense of normalcy to our residents, giving them back a sense of self. Our goal is to return dignity to residents suffering from memory loss, helping them once more become Mom or Dad: a precious family member getting state-of-the-art memory treatment at KindCare.

No longer are they just a person suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease or other forms of dementia, but they are Your Mom/Dad, who happen to have a memory problem being treated by improving their lives at KindCare.