Proactive Measures for Safety with a Focus on You

KindCare Amenities

Proactive Measures for Safety

Because the COVID 19 pandemic started during the founding of our first community, KindCare has a unique opportunity to design and build communities that are much safer and more cost-effective than traditional senior living facilities.

Rather than try to add on or retrofit safety features to existing buildings, KindCare communities are safer from inception, by design.

Incorporating best practices from industry leaders in senior living design as well as from other industries has enabled KindCare to build state-of-the-art communities that keep our residents safe:

Our proactive protection program, Stopping Contagion at the Door, prevents the spread of an infectious disease through the following measures:

  • Visitor Limitation Protocols
  • Enhanced Screening and Health Protocols for Associates
  • Vendors Enhanced Screening and Health Protocols
  • Enhanced Resident Quarantining for Health-Related Issues or for Move-In

Using what we’ve learned about both safety and indoor air quality from the pandemic, KindCare is creating an environment that reinforces not only safety but also hospitality and connection, even when observing enhanced health measures:

  • Installation of UV Air Treatment System Proven to Kill 99% of Pathogens
    Negative Pressure in Resident Apartments and Common Spaces to Halt the Spread of Infectious Disease
  • Visitation Rooms Allowing for Safe Visitation from Loved Ones to Decrease Isolation
  • “Living Walls,” or vertical gardens, Help Clean Air and Enhance Air Quality and Overall Wellness and Add Natural Beauty

KindCare is committed to using the latest technology not only to keep residents safe but also to enhance their interactions with healthcare providers. Using telehealth, our trained Telehealth Nursing Team monitors health conditions leading to proactive rather than reactive health interventions. KindCare also uses telemedicine for remote doctor visits for non-acute conditions:

  • Helps Avoid Stressful Hospital Visits
  • Helps Avoid Exposure to Infection
  • Allows for Healthy Coordination among Resident, Nurses, Associates, Family Member, Medical Provider, and Pharmacy