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Food preparation is a tradition passed down recipe by recipe over the generations. We can all connect with memories of a favorite meal or dish, maybe Mom’s Thanksgiving stuffing, Grandma’s cherry cobbler, Uncle Benny’s hot wings, or Dad’s football snacks.

The traditions surrounding food are rich, evoking the smells, flavors, and the smiles of the meals and the memories we share with loved ones.


We at KindCare value these traditions and the recipes that serve as the foundation for so many family meals. To honor both the meals and the residents who prepared them, we will be gathering recipes from residents as they move into our communities.

These recipes will become part of our new traditions, being highlighted on the dining menu as well as being included in a recipe book distributed each year during the December holidays.


Food nourishes the soul—and the body. Wholesome foods made from scratch with locally sourced ingredients have high nutritional content, creating stronger immune systems, leading to better overall health and wellbeing. This nutritional philosophy serves as the basis of our culinary program at KindCare.

KindCare Dining

Anytime Dining

Sample Menu

Just as residents should have options regarding care, we also believe they should have choices regarding the types of foods they enjoy. Not only that, but residents should also have the choice to dine when and where they wish. This concept is the inspiration for our “Anytime Dining” program at KindCare. Joining a community shouldn’t mean being forced to conform to a schedule that doesn’t suit you.

If you enjoy sleeping later in the morning, you should still be able to have a hot breakfast, not just cold cereal! At KindCare, you can have breakfast when, where, and how you want it. If you don’t see what you’re hungry for on the menu either as a daily special or on our “always available” menu, then simply special order your favorite dish. We are more than happy to provide you with exactly what you’re craving. And your smile upon receiving just what you want makes us smile, too!

Full-Service Restaurant

Full-Service Restaurant and Bistro

A menu of daily specials served to you, your family, and friends by professionally trained wait staff in our full-service restaurant makes for a culinary experience second to none at KindCare.

But sometimes, a freshly made panini sandwich or juicy burger cooked just the way you like it is what you’re hungry for. On those occasions, join us in the Bistro and have your meal cooked to order right in front of you. At KindCare, we’re all about providing nutritious, high-quality meal selections, superior service, and a variety of dining experience options.

Food & Family

Nothing says fun like food and family, and loved ones are always welcome at KindCare to enjoy a beer and a burger and take in a Sunday afternoon game on the big screen TV. We even have a special children’s choice menu so grandkids can dine with their grandparents in the Bistro or in our restaurant. The options for family, food, and fun are only limited by your tastes and imagination!